Our First Ever AGM!

Glasgow Student Housing Co-operative recently held our first ever Annual General Meeting! This was a really exciting milestone for us, and it gave everyone a chance to reflect on just how far we’ve come since GSHC started almost a year ago. Members spent some time during the meeting discussing things ranging from our finances to how we plan on recruiting new members this academic year.


Although a lot of very important discussions were had during the meeting, I’m sure that all of us agree (consensus, baby! now that’s what I’m talking about!) that the highlight of the event was our social afterwards. Everyone was very hungry after all of that co-op talk so we headed to The Hug and Pint in the West End of Glasgow where there was some great food and even better company, and after that we headed to a pub just around the corner.

It is truly incredible to think that this time last year, everyone involved in this project were complete strangers, and now our co-op has grown into a caring and supportive community in which friendships extend beyond just co-op business. Cue very cute pictures of some of our lovely members:

Thankfully, the night didn’t end there! Some of us then went out to bust a move and cut some shapes in Glasgow city centre. It’s a shame the DJ didn’t play everyone’s favourite song about cooperation from Sesame Street – that would have gone down a TREAT. We had to settle for Beyoncé’s ‘Bootylicious’ instead. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of this part of the night; we were all far too busy twerking.

I think it is safe to say that Glasgow Student Housing Co-op’s very first AGM was a huge success. Here’s to many more!


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